Incident Communications Procedures

As a valued client of Weatherstone Capital Management, you know that cultivating and maintaining trusting partnerships is the foundation upon which we’ve built our business. And we value the trust you have in us to help manage your financial life.

At Weatherstone Capital Management, we’ve considered a great many of the possible things that might have an effect on you or your holdings. While we have taken every precaution to guard against any negative occurrences, we understand unpredictable events can unfold. And we want to be absolutely prepared to react. We have created this web page to communicate updates and facts should some type of substantial problem incident occur with any of our operations. In the unlikely event of a problem, we will use this page to post and continually update important information about the nature of the disturbance, consequent steps being taken to solve the problem and instructions about what to do.

Beyond extensive security and backup protocols, please know that every Weatherstone Capital Management employee can work directly from his or her home to connect with our server system and access all client information. In the event of some catastrophic local or regional power failure, or some physical disturbance that could render the firm’s office system unusable, each employee – from any location – has access to all client data via an alternative remote system located out of state.

Finally, in the highly unlikely event that all of our office servers and the remote server are unavailable, employees can access the firm’s data by connecting directly to the computer system at Charles Schwab and Company. Of course, we hope none of these cases ever unfold and this Incident Communication Procedure page will never have to be used. Rest assured we are vigilant and prepared.